Tips For Buying The Best Bed Frame

A stylish bed frame is a good focal point for your bedroom’s décor. It’s also a great way to add some storage in your bedroom (see custom vanities by Here are some of the best tips to consider when looking for an ideal wooden bed frame.

1.The Size Of The Mattress

Have you found a mattress you love, you should be able to find a good wooden bed frame easier. For instance, if you have bought a full-size mattress, you should go for a double bed frame. On the other hand, if you bought a queen-size mattress, you should buy a queen-size wooden bed frame. Make sure the mattress fits on the wooden bed frame without any hassles.

2.The Size Of The Bedroom

The bed is the largest furniture in your bedroom. If you buy a big bed, it will overpower your small bedroom. Before buying a bed frame, try placing the mattress on the floor to ascertain the overall size of the bed. You can use pillows and masking tape to assess the overall size.

If you feel a little cramped, you need to look for other options besides a wooden bed frame. However, you can choose a wooden bed frame with a few storage options underneath it to save more space in your bedroom.

3.The Height And Bulkiness

Do you want to enjoy the drama of a more elaborate bed? You should measure the height and the bulkiness of the bed before you buy it. If you want to get a tall bed frame, you should get a high ceiling. Remember, if you have a short ceiling and get a high bed frame, the room will feel cramped.

You need to measure everything to ascertain whether you need a bulky bed frame such as a sleigh bed or a bed frame with a good headboard which you can transform into a bookshelf. Remember, for the larger bed frames, you need to disassemble and reassemble them before getting them into the bedroom door. So, you need to make sure it’s possible to do that with the one you buy.

4.The Décor

As mentioned, the bed is the focal point of any room. That’s why you need to choose the right style. If you want to create a welcoming, warm and comfortable feel, you should choose a wooden bed frame. You can prop up some quilts and pillows to make the room feel cozy.

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